High quality extra virgin organic avocado oil

Product Name:AVOCADO OIL

Latin Name:Persea Americana

Extraction Method:Cold Processing

Extraction Part:Fructus



Gravity (25°C):0.90-0.93g/ml

Peroxide Value:≤10.0

APPLICATION:1 Moisturizing

It can be said that the biggest and most basic effect of avocado oil is moisturizing. Because it contains a lot of vitamin D and lecithin, there is no doubt in the role of moisture, avocado oil is especially suitable for dry skin, the longest lack of moisture in the skin is the easiest Loss of elasticity, aging also followed, this is definitely a woman’s nightmare, and avocado oil as a basic essential oil for skin care, its main effect is moisturizing.

2 Whitening

Avocado oil also has a certain whitening effect, can dilute the stain, it is mainly used in combination with other essential oils to achieve a better whitening effect, avocado oil can be used with lemon essential oil, chamomile essential oil, etc. to achieve whitening effect.

3 Lose Weight

Using avocado oil to massage the body can help eliminate edema and help eliminate excess water in the body to achieve the benefits of weight loss. It is often used with essential oils such as rosemary, lemon, and cinnamon.